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Barix Exstreamer-120: IP-Audio Decoder with LCD Display and Micro SD slot.

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Part #: Barix Exstreamer-120
Barix Part #: 2010.9101

The Exstreamer-120 adds a backlit 2x16 character LCD to display stream metadata or file information to the standard features of the Barix Exstreamer family. It has a built-in IR Sensor and comes with a remote control for easy control.

The Barix Exstreamer-120 is a versatile network audio player, designed for applications in the Hotel and Hospitality sector. Flexible, low-cost and discrete, this device can be used to deliver a sophisticated distributed audio solution without the need for a PC.

With the standard application, the Exstreamer-120's display shows the track, or radio channel information extracted from the metadata. The device can be controlled using the included remote control, by web browser through it's built-in web UI, or by Ethernet APIs.

The Exstreamer-120 can play MP3, AAC+, WMA, G.711 and PCM audio files from a PC, or web server, as well as streams from sources such as Shoutcast, Icecast (Internet radio) and from RTP servers such as the Barix Instreamer IP-Audio Encoder.

If the primary network stream fails, the Exstreamer-120 can automatically failover to playing from a backup stream and, in the event that this stream fails as well, the Exstreamer-120 can automatically start playing files from a local Micro SD Flash Memory Card. All the time that the Exstreamer-120 is in the failover state, it will continually try to reconnect to the primary source.

The Exstreamer-120 also has a relay output, making control of an external device possible. Like all Barix products, the Exstreamer-120 is user programmable via the ABCL platform, which enables the unit's operation to be modified to fit non-standard requirements.


  • 2 x 16 Char LCD (backlit)
  • Headphone Out (3.5mm Jack)
  • RJ45 10/100 Mbit Ethernet
  • Dsub 9pin for RS232
  • Relay Output on DB9 connector
  • Micro SD slot for Flash Memory Cards
  • Stereo RCA output
  • Integrated IR Sensor


  • Playing Audio from PC or Jukebox Apps
  • Playing Audio from Micro SD Flash Memory Card
  • Streaming internet radio in bars and clubs
  • Multi-zone Commercial or Residential Audio Distribution
  • Real-time Audio Bridging over IP (when use with the Barix Instreamer)
  • Paging and announcement applications
  • In-store real-time audio distribution for retail, franchises...

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