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10k_Bead_1m_3w - 10k Type-II Thermistor Inline Potted Temperature Sensor with built-in 10K ohm resistor bridge.

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Part #: 10k_Bead_1m_3w

This 10k Thermistor Inline Potted Temperature sensor features an epoxied bead at the end of the sensor and a built-in 10K ohm resistor bridge.  This temperature sensor uses a 1m long 3-conductor jacketed cable with wire ends stripped and tinned.  The 10k-ohm type II thermistor, the built-in 10k resistor bridge, and all wires & solder connections are covered by a smooth, hardened, epoxy bead.  Please see the images for a wiring diagram & technical details.

All components used in this sensor are RoHS Compliant and the Solder is lead-free.  The built-in resistor is a 10k-ohm, 0.1%, 1/8th watt, axial lead film resistor (also lead-free).

The sensor element used is a 10K Type-II Thermistor and can be used with many popular brands of DDC manufacturers.

Cable temperature range: -40C to 80C
Cable Length: 1m
Conductor size:  24AWG stranded, 3-conductor cable with PVC jacket.
Sensor Type: 10K Type-II Thermistor
Thermistor Accuracy: +/- 0.2C
Thermistor chip Operating Range -40C to 125C