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10K_6SSP_FLNG_8_3m - 10K Type-II Thermistor Temperature Sensor with 8in Stainless Steel Probe, flange duct-mount, and 3m wire.

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Part #: 10K_6SSP_FLNG_8_3m

This 10K Type-II Thermistor temperature sensor has an 8 inch long Stainless Steel Probe with a 6mm diameter and a 3m long cable.  It features a mounting flange that makes it easy to mount and insert the probe into duct work.  The thermistor element is epoxied into the tip of the Stainless Steel probe resulting in a sensor that is quite sensitive and responds quickly to changes in the temperature.

This 8" Duct Temperature Probe can be used to measure Supply, Return, and Mixed air temperatures in HVAC Systems. The flange mount design makes it easier to install this sensor in tight quarters. The sensor is a 10K Thermistor and can be used with many popular brands of DDC manufacturers.

Cable temperature range: -40C to 80C
Thermistor Accuracy: +/- 0.2C
Sensor Operating Range -40C to 85C
Probe Material: Stainless Steel
Cable Length: 3m - plenum rated
Sensor Type: 10K Type-II Thermistor

Additional details:
The SS probe is 6mm diameter and 210mm (8.25in) long.
Rectangular flange portion is 54mm x 14mm x 1.2mm.
The holes in the flange are 5.9mm diameter and are 40mm apart (center to center)
The Flange is mounted 11mm from the open (potted) end of probe.
The Length of probe below flange is approx 198mm or approx 7 7/8in.

Click here for the Thermistor R/T Chart