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Barix AudioPoint 3.0: Low-latency Audio streaming to iOS and Android app using WiFi router

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Part #: Barix AudioPoint 3.0
Barix Part #: 2017.9218P

Low-latency encoder for unicast streaming over WiFi connection.

The Barix AudioPoint 3.0 streams live audio over various WiFi-routers to the cellphones of up to 50 users (or up to 250 users if you purchase a license upgrade for $199). A unicast stream enables near lip sync audio streaming to the users' mobile phones via a free iOS and Android app. Barix AudioPoint 3.0 provides single-channel or multi-channel support, lists available channels and streams your logo without the need for a cloud-based platform.

  • Live audio streaming to mobile phones
  • Museum guidance using QR code
  • Live translation platform with BYOD 
  • Support of hearing impaired at events, in churches or universities
  • RJ45 10/100 Mbit Ethernet
  • Two RCA connectors (Cinch connectors)
  • Female Jack 3.5 mm for headphone output
  • Double USB connector Type A Female
  • Male power connector: 5.5mm x 2.1mm
  • External power adaptor, 100-240VAC, 5W

Main Features:

  • Only unicast streaming
  • Web interface for control, status and configuration
  • Low-latency streaming to cell phone app
  • Single channel or multi-channel support
  • Automatic recognition and dynamic listing of available channels
  • No cloud server required
  • Works with many Wi-Fi routers
  • Audio Format PCM / 24kHz 16bit mono
  • QR code scan to connect to a stream
  • Up to 250 users per device
  • AudioPoint Pro server available for thousands of users
  • iOS and Android compatible
  • Customizable channel logo displayed on app
  • IPv4, IPv6 capable

Barix AudioPoint 3.0 Online Configuration Manual
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