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10K Thermistor Temperature Sensor | Outdoor Air Temperature

Part Number: 10K_OAT
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Part Number: 10K_OAT

This sensor is used to measure the outside air temp which Building Automation Systems can then use when implementing control strategies that rely on actual outside conditions.

The sensor probe is made of Stainless Steel, and the housing is made of PVC and is UL approved for outdoor conditions. The sensor housing has a female 1/2" NPT threaded fitting for mounting on a 1/2" conduit or PVC.

This sensor is a 10K Thermistor and can be used with many popular brands of DDC manufacturers. And is also compatible with the following DataNab I/O modules:
  • Ai32: 32 Analog Input Module
And most other I/O devices in the I/O Devices category.

Cable temperature range: -40C to 80C
Thermistor Accuracy: +/- 0.2C
Sensor Operating Range -40C to 85C
Cover Material: Stainless Steel
Sensor Type: 10K Thermistor

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  • Model: 10K_OAT
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