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1-Wire Temperature Sensor | Temperature/Humidity Mini-Probe

Part Number: 1WTH_PRB_mini_RJ12
Price: $89.00

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Part Number: 1WTH_PRB_mini_RJ12.

Our 1-Wire digital Temperature/Humidity Probe provides you with a low cost option for temp/hum monitoring in a practical design. The probe itself is about 1" long with a 3/8" diameter and can be used in a variety of applications.

Multiple sensors can be daisy chained on a single CAT5 network that can extend up to 200 meters or more in a typical environment. The sensors can receive data and power over the same CAT5 cable, which saves time and money during install.

Humidity Accuracy is +/- 4%RH from 15%RH - 95%RH.

Sensor should not be used in environments that are regularly below 15%RH. For more information, please contact us.

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Manual for Humidity Element
Manual for DS2438 Device

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  • Model: 1WTH_PRB_mini_RJ12
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