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10K Thermistor Temperature Sensor | 3" Stainless Steel RUGGED

Part Number: 10K_8SSP_3_1m_RGD
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Part Number: 10K_8SSP_3_1m_RGD

This 3" long Stainless Steel Temperature Probe is used for temperature measurement solutions in industrial and commercial applications.

Cable temperature range: -40C to 105C
Sensor Operating Range -40C to 85C

The sensor uses a heavy duty 20AWG 2-wire stranded cable that is 1m long. The thermistor element is epoxied into a rugged 8mm diameter Stainless Steel probe, resulting in an assembly that is highly water resistant and responds quickly to changes in the temperature.

A 2 inch long piece of industrial grade dual-walled heat shrink provides an additional layer of protection and strain relief by creating a tight seal on both the probe and the cable for an inch on either side of the junction point where the cable is inserted into the epoxy in the stainless steel tube.

The sensor element used is a 10K Thermistor with a curve that is supported by many popular brands of DDC manufacturers.

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  • Model: 10K_8SSP_3_1m_RGD
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