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1-Wire to Type-K Thermocouple Converter board

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The 1WT_THRMCPL_K device is a 1-wire to Type-K thermocouple converter based on the MAX31850 chip from Maxim Integrated. Its basic function is to get the temperature from a Type-K thermocouple and provide the value to a master via the 1-wire interface.

1-Wire to Thermocouple (Type-K) converter - Datasheet

The 1WT_THRMCPL_K device has cold-junction compensation built-in, and each device provides both the internal (cold junction) temperature reading (which should be the same as the temperature of the board on which the MAX31850 chip is mounted) and the cold-junction compensated thermocouple temperature reading, along with fault status, in the scratchpad memory of the MAX31850 chip. The device provides the thermocouple temperature reading as a 14-bit value with 0.25C resolution. The internal cold junction temperature reading is provided as a 12-bit value with 0.0625 resolution.

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There are 4 on-board jumpers available to set a local address from 0-15 for each device, which makes it simple to identify up to 15 devices on the same 1-wire network by location without knowing the RomIDs of each device.

The 1-wire interface can be wired in parasitic power mode or 3-wire (external power) mode. There are 2 jumpers on-board the device that both need to be set properly based on which method was used. When using external power mode, a regulated 3.3V supply must be provided.

The RomID of the 1-wire chip is laser etched on the PCB. A 3-pin modular male plug with screw terminals is provided for the 1-wire connection.

The operating temperature range of the board is -30C to 85C.

Type-K thermocouples commonly have a range of -70C to 1200C with an accuracy of +/- 2.2C from 200C to 700C. A Type-K thermocouple sensor is NOT included and must be sourced separately. There is female mini type-SMP thermocouple socket on board for thermocouple connection, so the thermocouple will need a K-Type thermocouple male mini-plug to connect to the device.

image with thermocouple attached
image with thermocouple attached
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