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Modbus | 6-Channel | High-amp Relay Output Module | R6

Part Number: R6
Price: $159.00

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The R6 is a 6 channel high-amp relay module capable of switching up to six separate loads at 15 Amps @ 250VAC.

The R6 module provides a normally closed and a normally open contact for each relay, and is perfect for any application that requires on/off control for multiple high-amp loads.

Indicator LEDs provide a visual indication of the current status of each Relay.

The R6 can communicate with a higher level control system via Modbus485. It is also accessible over Ethernet by using the BarioNet I/O Gateway, which communicates with up to 8 of the modules concurrently and allows control of the Relays via HTTP, TCP, or ModbusTCP.

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    Control Applications:
  • Motors
  • Pumps
  • 2-pos Dampers
  • 2-pos Valves
  • VFD S/S
  • Lights
  • etc...

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