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IP Enabled Programmable Controller | BarioNet-100 | PLC

Part Number: BarioNet
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The BarioNet is a powerful IP enabled programmable controller with numerous I/O and communications interfaces onboard, resulting in a device that can monitor, control, and communicate with virtually anything. Included is a built-in Web Server that is completely customizable and allows for a unique user interface to be created for any application.

The BarioNet can perform many standard monitoring and control functions as purchased off the shelf. If you require further capabilities, the unit can be completely customized and programmed to perform a multitude of applications. Please see our Packaged Solutions section for some examples. The programming tools are well documented, easy to use, and can be downloaded in the Support section.

The base BarioNet provides 4 analog inputs (0-5V), 4 digital inputs, 4 digital outputs (sinking 100mA), 2 Relay Outputs (5A @ 250VAC), and a Dallas 1-wire interface that can support up to 50 1-wire temperature sensors. An RS232 and an RS485 interface are available for communication with any 3rd party serial device. Up to 2 Wiegand Card Access Readers can also be integrated to provide an Ip based Security solution.

If more I/O capabilities are necessary, any of our intelligent I/O Devices can be connected to a BarioNet via RS485 and provide you with additional Analog Outputs, Analog Inputs, Digital Outputs (sinking or sourcing), Digital Inputs, and Relay Outputs.

For additional 1-wire capabilities, our BarioNet 1-WireGateway package is available and adds support for 1-wire Humidity sensors as well as additional 1-wire temperature sensors.

Wireless Sensors can also be integrated with the BarioNet for temperature and humidity applications. Contact Us for more details.

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  • Building Automation
  • Energy Management
  • HVAC Controls
  • Remote Monitoring
  • IP Enabled Security & Card Access
  • Data Acquisition
  • Industrial Automation
  • Lighting Controls
  • Event Alarming & Notification via Email, Cellphones, Pagers, Alarm Dialers, etc.
  • Home Automation & Security
  • Data Exchange between Foreign Systems
  • more...

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