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Instreamer ICE | Barix part #2018.9238, ACC+/MP3 Encoder/IceCast

Part Number: 2018.9238
Price: $449.00

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Barix part # 2018.9238

The Instreamer ICE encodes analog audio into MP3 or ACC+ for streaming to an Icecast or Shoutcast internet radio streaming service in the cloud. The NiceCaster also has an Icecast server built in and is able to feed up to 60 web redio listeners directly without the requirement to subscribe to an internet radio provider.

Barix Instreamer ICE | Front
Barix Redundix | Barix part # 2018.9238 | Front
Barix Instreamer ICE | Back
Barix Redundix | Barix part # 2018.9238 | Back

  • Model: 2018.9238
  • Shipping Weight: 2lbs
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