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Exstreamer SoundScape Player, Barix Part # 2015.9181

Part Number: Exstreamer-SoundScape Player
Price: $290.00

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Barix Part # 2015.9181

Exstreamer SoundScape Player


The Exstreamer SoundScape is an audio player that supports playback of Playlists, Adverts and live Streams. Audio content is scheduled from the SoundScape Portal - a central cloud-based management platform that is also used to monitor and configure the player devices. This product is designed for Business Music applications that demand high flexibility and reliability in scheduling, monitoring and reporting of audio playback and is especially suitable for Content Providers who manage audio content distribution for clients worldwide.
Barix Exstreamer SoundScape Player | Front
Barix Exstreamer SoundScape Player | Barix Part # 2015.9181 | Front
Barix Exstreamer SoundScape Player | Angle
Barix Exstreamer SoundScape Player | Barix Part # 2015.9181 | Back

  • Background Music in Retail and Hospitality Environments
  • Localized and Dynamic Advert Insertion

  • MP3 and AAC+ decoding
  • Plays Adverts, Playlists and HTTP Streams
  • Stereo Line Level Output
  • Internal microSD storage capability
  • Embedded Real Time Clock
  • Local web UI
  • Display and Keypad
  • Serial and USB 2.0 interfaces
  • Low Power consumption
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  • Model: Exstreamer-SoundScape Player
  • Shipping Weight: 2lbs
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