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Barix Annuncicom 200 | Barix part # 2008.9090

Part Number: Annuncicom-200
Price: $425.00

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Barix part # 2008.9090 |

The Annuncicom 200 is a completely programmable IP Audio component with POE (Power Over Ethernet) Support that allows the user to transmit voice, pre-recorded announcements, alarm messages and music over the IP network to any specific location or multiple locations. Audio can be transmitted one way or in a full duplex configuration.

Barix Annuncicom 200 | Front
Barix Annuncicom 200 | Barix part # 2008.9090 | Front
Barix Annuncicom 200 | Back
Barix Annuncicom 200 | Barix part # 2008.9090 | Back

NOTE: If you want to use this unit without POE, you will need to purchase the external power supply. See details here: Annuncicom 200 External PS.

The Annuncicom 200 can be used to archive audio MP3 files to a server, to record audio in MP3 to a USB stick, as a network audio player, as an intercom client, as an intercom master, as a full duplex intercom component, or even as a SIP Client for VOIP phones!

Check out a description of some of the pre-programmed applications that are already available for the annuncicom here: Customized Audio Applications for the Annuncicom.

This networked solution features quick and easy setup, operation over your existing network, flexibility, and easy reconfiguration. Now you can connect buildings and facilities without any changes to your existing infrastructure and save time and money in the process.

To allow for complete solutions, there are a variety of interfaces on board, such as:
  • 2 Digital inputs (talk & door buttons)
  • 1 Relay output (doorstrike or buzzer)
  • Microphone input
  • Line input
  • Line output
  • Speaker output (8 watt
  • RS232 & Ethernet Port to interface with other systems
  • USB Interface for memory sticks to hold Audio files/Data
  • Door Intercom Systems
  • Paging & Audio Distribution
  • Automatic Announcement Systems
  • Public Announcements
  • Emergency Calls & Alarms
  • etc...

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