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Packaged Solutions

Pre-programmed Applications developed for the BarioNet

To allow our products to be easily applied and used for commonly requested functions, we offer the pre-developed and customizable solutions listed below. Each of these solutions can be implemented across a variety of industries & applications.

If you have a unique application in mind that would be a good fit for DataNab, please contact Us and we would be happy to discuss it with you.

BarioNet 1-Wire Sensor Gateway

The BarioNet 1-Wire Sensor Gateway exposes data from up to 48 1-wire Temperature Sensor and/or up to 32 1-Wire Temp/Humidity Sensors via HTTP, TCP or ModbusTCP, allowing 3rd Party Software or Automation Systems to Monitor the attached sensors...

Master Alarming & Monitoring System

The Master Alarming & Monitoring Solution allows you to monitor, record, and alarm up to 32 Sensors connected to the BarioNet and/or attached peripheral devices. Supported signal types include dry contacts, 1-wire temperature sensors, wireless temperature sensors, thermistor temperature sensors, 1-wire humidity sensors, wireless humidity sensors, any 0-5V or 0/4-20mA sensors, modbus registers, and more...

BarioNet I/O Gateway

The BarioNet I/O Gateway exposes data from DataNab's Low Cost I/O Modules via HTTP, TCP, or ModbusTCP, allowing 3rd Party Software or Automation Systems to Monitor & Control attached sensors & devices...

BarioNet iT8 Gateway

The BarioNet iT8 Gateway communicates with up to 16 of the iT8 thermostats via RS485 and exposes all of the data and functions to the supervisory system via ModbusTCP, TCP, or HTTP. The iT8 gateway can also be used to perform your own customized control functions AND provide a simple web-based GUI for the system being controlled, providing you with a powerful & low cost system that can operate completely standalone if desired. - v3.18.73 last changed 02/14/2020, Help us keep our site clean and functional. Please report any broken links or problems to Web Site Comments

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