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iT8 Communicating Thermostat with LCD Display

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Part #: iT8_RS485_Tstat

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DataNab’s iT8 RS485 communicating thermostat is used to control the space temperature in residential, commercial, and industrial environments by controlling fan coils, heat pumps, VAV boxes, motorized dampers, modulating fans, and valves. The iT8 uses a built-in temperature sensor to detect the temperature, compares it with the set-point temperature, and automatically keeps the room temperature at set-point.

NOTE:  The thermostat does NOT support Modbus-RTU.  It communicates over RS485 networks using a proprietary protocol developed by DataNab. You can see the details in the manual.

NOTE:  The iT8 is no longer being manufactured and we will discontinue sales after our inventory runs out. 

The iT8 RS485 Communicating thermostat contains the following I/O Points:

  • 1 built-in temperature sensor
  • 3x relay outputs rated for 3A @ 24VAC
  • 2x 0-10VDC Analog outputs

The iT8 RS485 Communicating thermostat can be used for a wide range of applications.  In addition to a simple communicating thermostat, it can be used for many other applications by using a supervisory control system to perform the logic calculations and remotely controlling the relay outputs and analog outputs over the RS485 network.


  • Standalone or Networked Thermostat
  • Building Automation
  • HVAC Controls
  • Remote Monitoring
  • etc...

You can download the iT8 Manual / User Guide (Pdf) here: iT8 Manual / User Guide