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1WT_8SSP_3_RGD_3m_3w: Heavy Duty 1-Wire Temperature sensor rated for Automotive use.

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Part #: 1WT_8SSP_3_RGD_3m_3w

This heavy duty 1-wire temperature sensor has a 3 inch long stainless steel probe with a diameter of 8mm, and uses a 3 meter long jacketed 3-wire cable with 18AWG stranded conductors. 

There is a DS18B20 chip potted in the tip of the probe which is connected to an extremely heavy-duty jacketed cable with three 18AWG stranded conductors, all of which is completely epoxied into the probe.

There is dual-walled heat shrink overlapping approx 1 inch of both the cable & the probe to provide additional sealing and strain relief.  There is also a label showing the RomID of the sensor.

The cable is designed for use in commercial vehicles, is suitable for outdoor use, and is UV-resistant, Oil-Resistant, and has excellent chemical resistance overall.  

This is our highest quality and most rugged sensor and it is built to withstand the harsh conditions that you'd see in automotive use.

The stainless steel probe is 3 inches long and has a diameter of 8mm.

The 1-wire sensor chip used is a DS18B20 with 12-bit resolution and it is wired in the 3-wire configuration:

  • Brown wire: VDD
  • Green/Yellow wire: Ground
  • Blue wire: DATA


  • 3m long heavy duty 3-conductor 18AWG stranded cable
  • Cable operating range is -40C to 85C
  • Cable rated for outdoor use:  UV-resistant, Oil-resistant, excellent chemical resistance.
  • Rugged assembly, rated for automotive applications
  • Dual walled heat shrink is used to seal and add strain relief at the junction of the cable & the probe.
  • Label showing RomID of DS18B20 chip
  • Sensor Accuracy (-10 to 85 DegC) +/- 0.5 DegC
  • Sensor Accuracy (-55 to 125 DegC) +/- 2.0 DegC
  • Sensor Operating Range of -40C to 85C
  • Brown wire = VDD
  • Green/Yellow wire = Ground
  • Blue wire = Data

    1WT_8SSP_3_RGD_3m_3w data sheet
    Maxim Semiconductor Manual for DS18B20