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10K_RT_Wall_2 - 10K Type-2 Wall Mount Room Temperature Sensor

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Part #: 10K_RT_WALL_2

The 10K_RT_WALL_2 room temperature sensor features a simple and visually appealing white plastic enclosure and is designed to be mounted on a wall or surface. The 10K Type-II thermistor element is connected to a 2 position terminal block inside the enclosure.  The terminal block is designed with cage clamps to make easy and secure connections to the connecting wires.

The sensor element used is a 10K Type-2 Thermistor and can be used with many popular brands of DDC manufacturers.

Thermistor Type: 10K Type-2 NTC Thermistor
Thermistor Accuracy: +/- 0.2C
Sensor Operating Range -40C to 80C

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