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Barix MA400 SIP Opus Codec: Bi-directional Encoder/Decoder with PoE

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Part #: Barix MA400 SIP Opus Codec
Barix Part #: 2019.9260

The cost-effective MA400 SIP Opus Codec combines the dynamic flexibility and ease of SIP-based link establishment with the quality and efficiency of the open Opus audio compression format. The SIP Opus Codec devices encode or decode audio signals using the open standard Opus codec, a royalty-free audio compression format known for exceptional quality and reliability in interactive speech and music transmission over the Internet. 

The device builds on the Opus codec’s quality, efficiency and low latency with SIP functionality to establish seamless links across SIP-compatible telephone or other IP-based communications systems. Ideal for remote contribution applications, the SIP functionality in the Barix units enables them to dial another device or accept an incoming call and automatically negotiate a transmission link for Opus-based audio streaming. In addition to remote broadcast links, the SIP Opus Codecs offer a reliable, high-quality solution for studio-to-studio (SSL) and studio-to-transmitter (STL) applications at cost-efficient pricing.

Built on Barix’s latest-generation, high-performance IPAM 400 audio module, the MA400 SIP Opus Codec device is a mono, bi-directional device powered by PoE and features analog microphone or line-level input and 5W 8-ohm or line-level output.  It supports audio level supervision with SNMP trap generation and integrates easily with third-party SIP-compliant, Opus-compatible products.


  • Remote Radio Broadcasting
  • SIP based STL
  • SIP based Studio to Studio Link
  • SIP based audio transport


    • Bi-directional mono Opus codec
    • 48KHz sampling rate
    • Microphone / line level input
    • Line level output (balanced)
    • Amplified output 5W (8 Ohm)
    • Power over Ethernet (PoE)
    • Audio level supervision with SNMP trap generation
    • Support of multiple coding standards
    • Works with SIP Opus compliant 3rd party equipment
    • Simple Player support for RTP stream decoding (alternative to SIP connection)

    Supported Codecs

    • G.711 (uLaw and aLaw)
    • Speex
    • GSM
    • G.722
    • iLBC
    • OPUS

    Audio Input (mono)

    • Characteristics/mode selectable by software:  “Mic” mode: bias power for electret microphone. "Line” mode: 2kΩ input impedance 3.9 VPP max, adjustable in sensitivity
    • Frequency response 20 Hz .. 18 kHz (-3dB)

    Analog Line Output (mono)

    • Transformer isolated, balanced (600 Ω) Output level software controllable
    • Full scale output voltage: 5.7 dBu, 4.2 VPP, 4.7 dBm @ 600 Ω
    • Frequency response 30 Hz .. 18 kHz (-3dB)

    Speaker Out

    • 5 Watt max output power @ 8Ω
    • Frequency response 25 Hz .. 12 kHz (-3dB)*

    Case & Weight

    • Aluminum case, 280g
    • 108x38x78.7mm (4.25x1.5x3.1 inch)
    • Rack mountable using optional accessory

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