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Barix Exstreamer M400 Syn-Apps: Syn-Apps Audio endpoint to feed an amplifier.

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Part #: Barix Exstreamer M400 Syn-Apps
Barix Part #: 2020.9292

Barix Exstreamer M400 Syn-Apps audio decoder provides an audio endpoint to Syn-Apps Revolution feeding conventional audio and PA systems. The device is recognized by the Syn-Apps Revolution system and can be addressed as an audio endpoint supporting announcements, paging and background music. 

Syn-Apps Revolution addressable audio
decoder with line level stereo audio output

Syn-Apps certified
Plug & Play into Syn-Apps Revolution
Cost effective
Longevity (MTBF >22 years)
High quality audio decoder from Barix, a leading audio over IP product supplier


    Power Supply
    External power adaptor, 100-240VAC, 10W
    Male connector: 5,5 x 2,1 mm

    Ethernet Interface
    RJ45 10/100 auto detect, IPv4, IPv6

    Audio Output
    Stereo Line Level Audio Output (Sterio RCA/cinch connectors)

    Audio formats
    Support of standard Syn-Apps audio formats

    Headphone output
    Female Jack 3.5 mm

    Double USB connector type A female (for future use)

    For metadata insertion to internal Icecast server

    HW/SW environment
    Barix IPAM400
    Linux with dual boot recovery and remote firmware update capability

    User Interface
    Web interface for control, status and configuration
    HW reset button, LEDs for status

    Environmental Operating Environment
    0 to +50°C / 32 to 122°F
    0 - 70% relative humidity, non-condensing

    Storage Conditions
    -20 to +70°C / -4 to 158°F
    0 - 70% relative humidity, non-condensing

    Case, Dimensions, & Weight
    Material: Aluminum
    Dimensions: 108x38x78.7mm (4.25x1.5x3.1 inch)
    Weight 250g

    >199’951 h / > 22 years

    Barix Warranty
    2 years

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