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Barix IPAM-300: IP-Audio Module for Decoding

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Part #: Barix IPAM-300
Barix Part #: 2006.0045B

The Barix IPAM-300 is a low cost module with a limited feature set, one serial port, digital I/O, Decoding only, and a 3.3V supply.

The IPAM 300 is a universal, standalone, IP Audio function block which can be easily embedded into OEM products. The module decodes IP Audio streams and provides the decoded audio as a (stereo) analog or digital (I2S) feed. Supporting a vast range of protocols and codecs the module can be used for both VoIP and IP paging as well as high quality music distribution and IP music streaming applications. Control I/O (serial port, digital inputs and outputs) allow the use with UI and control interfaces. Most of the Barix Exstreamer products are based on this module.

AACplus, MP3, Ogg Vorbis, G.711, PCM Decoding
IP Streaming via TCP, UDP, RTP, Multicast
Line Level Output (Stereo)
General Purpose I/O (4)
RS-232 Serial Port (TTL Level)
Supply Voltage (3.3V)
USB Flash Memory Interface

    Audio Interfaces and Formats
    I2S bus (Inter-IC Sound), Analog stereo out 1.5Vpp, Volume, base and treble adjustable by application
    AAC+ (HE-AAC V2 incl SBR and PS, needs licensing by OEM), MP3 up to 320 kBit fixed & variable bit rates, Ogg Vorbis (floor 1), WMA, G.711 (uLaw / aLaw @ 8 to 48 kHz), PCM (16 bit @ 8 to 48 kHz)

    Network Interface
    10/100 Mbit Ethernet (Auto), TCP/IP, UDP, RTP, HTTP, DHCP, SNMP, AutoIP, SonicIP, IPzator, ES-100/SPKR (Ethersound)

    Misc. Interfaces
    TTL Level UART 300..230'400 Baud
    Outputs for 2 dualcolor Ethernet status LEDs,
    4 General Purpose I/Os, 1 input for reset button,
    2 status LED outputs), USB1.1 interface for memory

    CPU / Memory
    Integrated CPU / MAC / IO controller with on-chip 256 KB RAM, 2 KB EEprom (configuration), 2 MB Flash memory (application and web server content)

    Operating System
    Embedded, robust OS, IP stack with Multicast support

    User / Application Interfaces
    Integrated web server (control/configuration), browser based, serial or Ethernet control API, programmable software environment.

    Power requirements
    Single 3.3 VDC, 1.6 Watt max.

    Weight, dimensions
    14 g approx.
    2.2" x 1.3" x 0.39", 56 mm x 33 mm x 10 mm

    Min. 950 000h acc. to MIL217F at 40°C

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