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Barix Exstreamer-1000: IP-Audio Encoder/Decoder with digital AES/EBU and XLR stereo inputs and outputs.

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Part #: Barix Exstreamer-1000

The Barix Exstreamer-1000 is a professional Network Audio Encoder & Decoder with I/O for professional audio and broadcast applications.  NOTE: We will provide the XLR Cable Set at no additional cost with the purchase of an Exstreamer-1000.


    • 4 Digital Inputs
    • 4 Relay Outputs
    • AES/EBU fully digital audio interface
    • Balanced Stereo Line in/out (XLR)
    • Ethernet RJ45 Connector 10/100MBit

    Common Applications:

    • STL and Remote Broadcasting (audio and contact closures)
    • IP Audio Distribution over Satellite
    • Confidence Checking and Remote Monitoring
    • Cable Head End IP Audio Distribution
    • Live Feed to Studio
    • Realtime audio bridging over IP network
    • Transmission of discrete control signals (4 in, 4 out)
    • Public Address, Emergency Calls, Alarms, & Paging
    • Paging and audio distribution with speaker circuit control
    • Instore real-time audio distribution for retail, franchises...
    • Monitor & control communication (public buildings, airports, manufacturing facilities, & shopping malls)
    • VHF radio control via IP application or SIP phone
    • Live audio distribution over a WAN infrastructure
    • Multi-channel audio distribution via multicast
    • Automatic announcement systems