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10K_RT_FLAT_2 - 10K Type-2 Thermistor Flat Plate Tamper-Proof Room Temperature Sensor

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Part #: 10K_RT_FLAT_2

The 10K_RT_FLAT_2 temperature sensor features a tamper-proof stainless steel flat plate and is used to measure the space temperature in high traffic areas. The sensor is mounted on the back of the stainless steel cover and it is simple to install. A foam insulator on the back of the cover isolates the sensor from the wall. 

The flat plate is designed to be mounted on a single-gang electrical box, but can also be used in many other scenarios.

The sensor element used is a 10K Type-2 Thermistor and can be used with many popular brands of DDC manufacturers.

Wire temperature range: -40C to 80C
Wire Length & size: 3 inches long, non-jacketed, 26AWG Stranded, 2-conductor 
Thermistor Type: 10K Type-2 NTC Thermistor
Thermistor Accuracy: +/- 0.2C
Sensor Operating Range -40C to 80C
Cover Material: Stainless Steel

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