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  Software Development & System Integration Services

DataNAB provides quality software and automation engineering services. We have a number of software and controls engineers who would be happy to share their knowledge and experience with you on your projects. We can schedule short and long term contracts and do both on and off-site software development and control system integration.

We specialize in the system integration and consulting services below, but are open to discuss your unique application. Please contact us to discuss your project in detail and to determine the availability of our engineering staff.   -   Contact Us.

Building Automation Controls & Integration

  • Low cost DataNab I/O products will tie into your existing or 3rd party automation systems via Modbus485 or ModbusTCP over Ethernet. Digital inputs/outputs, Analog inputs/outputs, Relay outputs all available.

  • Reduce installation time and expenses by using our WIRELESS Temperature and Humidity sensors that can communicate with your existing or 3rd party automation systems via ModbusTCP.

  • Intelligent communicating Thermostats will tie into your existing or 3rd party automation systems via Modbus485 or ModbusTCP. Use for apportioned billing, load shedding, etc.

  • Add Real-time Alarming capabilities via Email, Phone, and pager to your LEGACY equipment.

  • Low cost Customizable solutions available for Electrical Demand & Consumption Monitoring, Load-shedding, Load-shifting, Soft-startup, Outdoor Resets, and other Energy Management techniques.
Barix System Consulting and Integration Services

  • Barionet Programming and Integration Services

  • IP-Audio Programming and Integration Services

  • Custom GUI Design

  • Data Management Solutions

  • Technical Support & Spare parts

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