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  Products & Technology to Gather and Deliver Information

DataNab provides a variety of highly capable products and solutions that are built upon open technologies and can be effectively implemented in many different fields and applications.

The fundamental value of our products is not defined by their capacity to simply monitor or control processes, machines and buildings but rather by the extent to which they can communicate effectively and pass information to where it becomes useful and valuable for your business.

Use the links below to find details on the various product groups and solutions that we have to offer. If you have any questions or ideas that you would like to discuss, please let us know. We are willing and able to help you find ways to utilize our products in your unique application.

Controllers and I/O Devices
  Programmable controllers, Modbus I/O devices & Communicating Thermostats.
  • Barix BarioNet, BarioNet RTC, BarioNet 50, R6, X8, & IO12
  • DataNab Ai32, AiO8, Ai8_R13, iT8, MBus_Io10_LCD_prog, MBus_IO3, MBus_IO3_prog, MBus_IO5 and MBus_IO5_prog

      Wide variety of Temperature & Humidity sensors;   Energy measurement devices.
  • Modbus Enabled Sensors
  • Temperature, Humidity, & Current Sensors with Analog Voltage output; 0-5V/10V
  • 1-Wire Sensors for Temperature & Humidity
  • Thermistor style temperature sensors

    Barix IP Enabled Audio Products
      Devices to enable Audio to be sent across local or wide area Ethernet networks.
  • Instreamer 100 - IP Audio Encoder
  • Exstreamer 100 - IP Audio Decoder
  • Exstreamer 105 - IP Audio Decoder
  • Exstreamer 110 - IP Enabled Audio Decoder w/ LCD & USB
  • Exstreamer 120 - IP Enabled Audio Decoder w/ LCD & Micro SD
  • Exstreamer 200 - IP Audio Decoder w/ Digital & Amplifier & USB Slot
  • Exstreamer 205 - IP Audio Decoder with Amplifier & Micro SD
  • Exstreamer 500 - Professional Network Audio Encoder/Decoder
  • Exstreamer 1000 - Professional Network Audio Encoder/Decoder
  • Annuncicom 100 - IP Intercom & PA System
  • Annuncicom 155 - Ruggedized IP Paging, Intercom & VoIP
  • Annuncicom 200 - IP Enabled Bi-directional Intercom w/ POE
  • Annuncicom 1000 - Professional Network Intercom & PA System
  • Annuncicom PS16 - Digital IP Network-based Desktop Paging System

  • Control & Monitoring Applications
  • Building Automation
  • Energy Management
  • HVAC Controls
  • IP Enabled Security & Card Access
  • Event Alarming and Notification
  • Industrial Automation
  • Lighting Controls
  • Remote Monitoring & Data Acquisition
  • Home Automation

  •   Audio over IP Applications
  • IP Audio Surveillance & Monitoring
  • IP Intercom & Paging Systems
  • In-store Audio Broadcasting & Advertising over IP
  • Multi-zone Audio Distribution
  • IP Audio Notification - PA System
  • Online MP3 Broadcast for Schools & Churches
  • IP Audio Archiving for Schools & Churches
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