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  DataNab Gateways and Monitoring

We are currently reorganizing all of our Gateways & Alarming and Monitoring product lines. To provide a better and more cost effective product to our customers.

The affected products are
  • BA_WEB_RLY: BarioNet Web Relay Controller is being discontinued
  • BA_IO_GTWY: BarioNet I/O Gateway, is being repackaged and repriced
  • BA_WRLS_GTWY: BarioNet Wireless Gateway is being discontinued
  • BA_MON_ALRM: BarioNet Alarming & Monitoring System, is being repackaged and repriced
  • BA_IT8_GTWY: BarioNet iT8 Gateway, is being repackaged and repriced
  • BA_1W_GTWY: BarioNet 1-wire Gateway, is being repackaged and repriced

So Please Contact DataNAB for information about Gateways and Monitoring
Email: info@datanab.com
Phone: 888-732-8262
Fax: 612-486-8974

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