To store changed settings click on "Apply" at the bottom of the page.
The device will restart with the new setting.

Input source
Choose the desired input source.
On Detect Source the device chooses, during start up, the input with the highest audio level.
Default setting is "Mic".

Choose between different encoding types and sampling frequencies ("uLaw", "aLaw", "PCM MSB" or "PCM LSB" at 8 or 24 kHz).
Default setting is "uLaw 24 kHz".

Choose between "0"% and "100"% in 5% steps.
Default: "50"%

Streaming mode
"send always" will stream always
"send on level" will stream if the input audio level goes above the configured "Input Trigger Level"
"send on I0 " will stream if the input I0 button is pressed
"respond" will stream back as long as a stream is being received
Default setting is "send always".
NB! The I1 button can be used as RING request to remote side (to UDP port 3040). Your unit (to UDP port 12301) will also accept the commands FORCE ON (c=91), FORCE OFF (c=84), DOOR ON (c=78), DOOR OFF (c=79), pulse OPEN DOOR for 3 sec (c=80), RTS ON (c=60) and RTS OFF (c=61) from current connected remote side.

Input Trigger Level
Triggering input audio level if "send on level" mode is selected. Accepted range: 0-32767
Default: "1000"

Inactivity Timeout
"Send on level" streaming stops after this number of milliseconds of no input audio signal.
Default: "1000ms"

Connection protocol
"Raw UDP" will stream by using raw UDP protocol
"RTP" will stream by using RTP protocol
Default setting is "Raw UDP".

Destination IP
Enter 4 values of the IP address of the receiving unit.
If no Destination Port is used then this IP address is for addressing the ring command to ICgraph only.

Destination Port
Enter the port number of the receiving unit.
NB! If 0, your unit will send "to origin source" by using Encoding (Payload Type for RTP), Protocol, and IP:Port of the latest received packet

Receive Port
Enter the port number for receiving a stream.
Default port is "3030".

Own Name
This Name is necessary only with using dynamic IP in order to recognize this unit by broadcast DISCOVER request.