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I/O Module | 12 Digitial Inputs | 12 Digital Outputs | IO12
- Part #: IO12

- Price: $ 215.00
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The IO12 is an I/O module that provides 12 opto isolated Digital Inputs (5-30VDC) for sensing input levels. The IO12 also provides 12 Digital Sourcing Outputs (5-30VDC) at a max of 0.7A each or a total of 6A for the entire module, which allows for 0.5Amps per output when all 12 of the outputs are active.

The IO12 can communicate with a higher level control system via Modbus485. It is also accessible over Ethernet by using the BarioNet I/O Gateway, which communicates with up to 8 of the modules concurrently and allows for monitoring of the Inputs and control of the Outputs via HTTP, TCP, or ModbusTCP.

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