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Barix Annuncicom 155 | Barix part # 2010.9098
- Part #: Annuncicom-155_NoPSU

- Price: $ 795.00
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Barix part # 2010.9098 |

The Annuncicom 155 is a ruggedized, universal IP Audio device, developed to operate within challenging environmental conditions whether outside or in rolling stock.

Barix Annuncicom 155 | Front
Barix Annuncicom 155 | Barix part # 2010.9098 | Front
Barix Annuncicom 155 | Back
Barix Annuncicom 155 | Barix part # 2010.9098 | Back

With an amplified output suitable to drive 5W into an overhead paging or panel speaker, a sensitive microphone input, selector/contact closure inputs and control output the device is equally suitable for paging, intercom, help point and monitoring applications.

Check out a description of some of the pre-programmed applications that are already available for the annuncicom here: Customized Audio Applications for the Annuncicom.

NOTE: The Annuncicom 155 does not include a power supply, external cables or connectors! See the Barix Annuncicom 155 Accessory Kit which includes everything you need.

Annuncicom 155 specific hardware features:
  • Dual Ethernet ports (M12 connectors)
  • Built-in switch allows for daisy-chaining of devices
  • RS-485 serial interface (M12 connector) with fused supply output to external devices
  • Panel interface on Sub-D 15 connector with all audio and I/O signals
  • Balanced Electret microphone input with supervised bias power
  • Isolated, balanced, 0dBm line-level audio output (max. 11dBm@600Ohm)
  • 5-watt class D speaker amplifier, supervised 8-ohm speaker output
  • 2 fully supervised contact closure inputs
  • 1 LED driver output, current limited
  • Built-in temperature sensor for device health monitoring
  • Isolated supply voltage input 24-48 VDC voltage range
  • IP65 rated, tested to EN50155, suitable for harsh environments
  • Wide operating range (-40..+70°C/-40..158°F), shock and vibration resistant
  • Door and help point intercom system
  • Security surveillance and alarming
  • PA, alarming, and paging
  • Help Points, Emergency Intercom in cars, vessels, trains, people movers
  • VHF radio control via IP
  • Outdoors, SIP based call box/help point
  • Generic Audio Streaming over IP

Barix Downloads, How To's, Manuals and Documentation

      Annuncicom 155 Accessory Kit
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